Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Holiday 'Dreams' at Disneyland Resort

"World of Color - Winter Dreams," an all-new holiday version of the popular "World of Color" nighttime spectacular, will begin nightly performances on Paradise Bay in Disney California Adventure Park on November 15, helping to kick off the 2013 holiday season at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. "World of Color - Winter Dreams" will feature some of the main characters from the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures animated movie Frozen.
Disney's Frozen comes to theaters November 27, 2013. See the trailers HERE!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Adventure Is Out There! Ellie's first adventure.

"From strangers, to friends, to family..." We live by this. Almost a year ago we joined a social club, Neverlanders SC, not knowing what the outcome would be. We just knew that we all shared the same love for Disney. In a matter of months we all grew closer to each other and shared a bond that family shares. New members joined our family and we grew even bigger and closer. As the one year anniversary almost hit its mark, the founders Cyndee and Angel told everyone they had a surprise on September 22nd. We were all excited, but two of us were clueless! We both kept trying to guess what it could be. For close to 3 months we were in anticipation awaiting the day we'd be surprised. Never ever did we expect this whole planning, dedication and heartwarming event would be for just us three. September 22nd comes and Amanda and I wake up in excitement get dressed faster than ever and wait for Jimmy to come to our place so we could leave. This was the first time Jimmy asked to ride with us, which was kinda odd, but we thought nothing of it. Already fashionably late we arrive to the location and noticed some of our friends vests in the car which was kind of odd, but again didn't question it. We walk in to Up theme song playing in the background, we see Travis taking pics from inside a kids replica of the Up House and we see almost everyone including our northern landers and Vegas friends. In total shock I couldn't figure out what was going on. I couldn't figure out that the event that had been planned for months was our very own Up themed baby shower put on by our family. Tears were everywhere. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world! To see strangers who became family throw this for us and put in so much work, time, love and effort to make it so special was simply beautiful. There were Up houses everywhere, there was a Fentons ice cream sign cut out of wood and hand painted, paradise falls jars hand written and full of gum balls, decorations made by our crafters, a stage full of baby presents, delicious smell of food filling the air, but most importantly family that loves us surrounding us. We played games that had us laughing in tears!! Have you ever played put the plunger in the toilet paper roll? Have you ever tried tying your shoe laces with a balloon inside your shirt trying not to pop it? We have! Ellie, Amanda and I are blessed to have this family! They have been there since our love first blossomed to the whole pregnancy and every special moment that is yet to come. Sept 22nd is a day we will always remember. We cherish the love and family we have. Adventure is out there! Thank you to everyone that participated and made this the most special baby shower ever!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Adult Meet

 Every month the NeverlanderSC usually have one official adult meet and one official family meet.  This blog is about the adult meet that took place on September 28, 2013.  All of our adult meets are day long meets where as our family meets are usually night time meets.  We always have an itinerary for our adult meets so we know what we are doing for the day and we try our best to stick to it.  This months itinerary was done by Vero. 

Most of our adult meets begin with us meeting at the esplanade between 8:00am and 8:30am.  Todays meet started a little late because a lot of us were at a surprise party for one of our fellow Neverlanders Michelle, aka Mickey.  Breakfast today was at River Belle Terrace.  This is a special spot to me because it was where we ate on our very first meet. 

After breakfast we rode Indiana Jones.  It was only a ten minute wait which was a nice way to start the day

Our next ride was the Haunted Mansion.  This time of the year the mansion is transformed for the holidays to celebrate the Nightmare Before Christmas.  I've never seen the movie, I know that's crazy, but I do love the mansion like this.  This year is the 13th year of them transforming the mansion. It was only about a 15 minute wait which is nice because, like most of you know, its one of the most popular attractions this time of year.

After leaving the mansion we headed for The Jungle Cruise.  The wait was 30 minutes which is unusual for this ride but when you have great people to talk to in line, the wait doesn't seem so long.  As most of you know your level of enjoyment on this ride comes down to the guide on the boat.  Get a good one and it make you feel like its the first time you rode it.  Get a bad one and its just a boat ride.  We got lucky and got a great guide named Laura who had us all laughing. 

After the Jungle Cruise we decided to stray from the itinerary so that one of our own could get a picture she really wanted.  Melissa, who has Maleficent as her patch, had not gotten her picture with her favorite character yet this year so we wanted to make that happen.  So we headed for the Conjuring a Villain in Big Thunder Ranch to see what we could do.  Our first attempt we got The Evil Queen which is great, but not who we were looking for.

After getting some "inside information" we knew that Maleficent was the next character out we wait her for and finally Melissa got her picture.  This picture is of her husband Jimmy, who was relieved that Mel finally got her picture because it was his fault that she had not gotten it earlier in the week.  He had to get a haircut. LOL

Lunch was next so we headed for Jolly Holiday Bakery and The Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner.  Half the group went to one and half to the other.  I had a Mac N Cheese hot dot from the Corner and it was delicious. 

After lunch we headed to DCA and went right for Grizzly River Run.  It was a 40 minute wait so we had plenty of time to talk and joke around in line.  As your can tell by the second picture.

If you notice, none of us are wearing our vest.  Its really weird now not having them on at the parks.  They are a part of us now.  If you did not know their are lockers located next to the fastpass distribution area that are free for 2 hours so you can leave your valuables safe and feel free to get as wet as possible.  I want to point out the person who got it the worst was the good looking guy in the bright green shirt, me.

Next up was California Screamin'.  Only 5 of us wanted to ride.  The ride was basically walk on.  Everyone knows they decide before the ride what they are doing for the picture.  This ride it was by Luke and he said "lets just look like we are bored".  So that's what these photos are.  In this picture its Luke and his dad Skyler.

This picture is of Johanna, Cehcee, and me.

Next up were the Silly Symphony Swings and Goofy's Sky School.  Today was the first time Vero went on Goofy's Sky School and I am guessing it was the last. 

After that we went on The Little Mermaid before heading back to Disneyland for dinner and our activity.

Dinner and the first part of the activity took place at Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. 

After dinner it was now time for the meet activity.  This months was created by Rosemary and Neil, aka FindingMickey.  There were 4 teams of 4 members.  I was part of the Beards of Sin team, which won the best name bonus.  Part 1 of the activity was a Disney trivia test.  Each team had 30 minutes to complete 55 questions.  Part 2 of the activity was a scavenger hunt mixed together with brain teasers. 

In the end the winning team consisted of Dana, Johanna, Angel, and Cyndee.  It was a great activity and a huge thank you has to go out to Rosemary and Neil who did a ton of work to put the whole thing together.

This is the final group shot of the evening with everyone who participated in activity.  That's a good looking group of people if I do say so myself.  In the picture Rosemary, Neil, Jessie, Justin, Sammi, Luke, Skyler, Angel, Cyndee, Amanda, Michelle, Johanna, Dana, Cehcee, Vero, Rick, Efrain, Anthony, Justin, and Travis. I think I got everyone.
Then it was time for some adult beverages at Traders Sams.  Here we are cheering the birthday girl Michelle.

Selfie with Johanna, Michelle, and myself.

Rose Mary, me, and Michelle

Group picture of the ones who enjoyed some good laughs and some good drinks.

In the end it was another great meeting of the Neverlanders SC.