Neverlander Crafters/Artists

Not only is our Social Club full of disney lovers, but its filled with incredible and talented crafters! Some have been crafters for many years and some just started, but without a doubt they are all very talented. This page is dedicated to showcase their work!

 Zombie girl hair designs are hand made hair accessories. These hair accesories are unique because not only do they have a signature style they are made with lots of love. Cyndee loves what she does and she has been doing it for 6 years. Items that cyndee makes are bows, unique one of a kind mickey mouse ears, and head wraps. Her creativity doesnt stop there she also makes Zomby Baby Designs that include car seat covers, shopping cart covers, stroller covers and blankets. She loves to interact with her customers and holds scavenger hunts at the disney parks annually. Her shop is currently being renovated but will have a Grand Opening soon! Keep an eye out for these accessories they are in high demand and sell out in minutes!
IG: Zombymama

Riley Cakes consists of a husband and wife team. They have been baking yummy goods together for two years already! Melissa has been baking her entire life and many of what she knows has been passed down for generations in her family. Melissa taught her husband Jimmy everything she knows and hopes to one day pass it on to her two children Riley and Miles. Together they make an exceptional team. They bake everything from scratch using old and new recipes. Their ultimate goal is to have a store front so that they can sell their baked goods. They want their store to feature art from local artists. They will soon be selling Riley Cakes merchandise and every penny earned will help them get closer to opening their store. You can reach the cakes family through IG. They constantly are taking orders.

Only In Dreams Designs

Only In Dreams Designs consists of handmade crafts made by Kaleena. She has been crafting most of her adult life but recently has been changing her products up a bit. In her shop you will find things such as hair accessories, guitar pick jewlery, picture frames, canvases, candle jars and so much more!
She loves to up cycle things like old books, hymnals, old tshirts and mason jars. Follow her shop on IG.
IG: onlyindreamsdesigns

Mermaid Vixen Trade

Mermaid Vixen Trade is a hair accesory shop. Veronica started her shop two years ago to save money for her wedding. After getting married she continued to create beautiful and unique bows because she loved seeing her customers happy and satisfied upon receiving their bows. Her husband Michael is also a crafter. He is insanely talented in making many things out of wood. You can find some of his work in Veronica's shop. Veronica is open constantly follow her for more info!
IG: mermaidvixentrade

Michelle better known as Mickey has been crocheting on and off for about 17 years. She just started to take this passion of hers a bit more serious when she started being a stay home mom. She currently doesnt have a shop. All her sales are done through her shop instagram. She makes a lot of crochet goodies such as amigurimi dolls, Ewok beanies, custom beanies, bows, headbands, scarves and many other things! Her Ewok beanies are adorable and in high demand they sell out in minutes!

Save The Panduhs

Save The panduhs is an art and clothing company based off Los Angeles, CA. His clothing is unique art thats for a good cause. 10% of his profits get donated frequently to help save the endangered Pandas. He also helps raise money for children's hospitals and cancer reasearch.You can find Save The Panduhs products at various artwalks,shows and 24/7 at


  1. I like that your guys group are invite only unlike one that 100+ members. Contradicts the word elite

    1. Thank you for the compliment, but all Social Clubs are ran with their own rules. The Main Street Elite are a great group off people with a much bigger number that works for them.