We get asked a lot of questions repeatedly so hopefully these answer some questions you may have about the Neverlanders. If you have any other question not listed feel free to leave a comment below with your question.

1. What is Neverlanders SC?
-Neverlanders SC is a Disney Social Club. It was created by two people who love what Walt Disney created.

2. How do I join?
-Neverlanders SC is invite only. If you are interested in joining, start by getting to know all the members. You can find most members on instagram. (Click on our Official Members tab for their instagram handles.)

3. How can we get invited to hang out?
-Once you get to know the members through Instagram, we take notice of who is genuinely interested. Once a relationship is built an invite is sure to follow.

4. If I see you guys at the park, Can I hang with you guys?
- Yes of course! Most members post on their personal IGs when they are at the parks. Feel free to hang with us on non meet days and never hesitate to say hello! Meet days are not ideal days to hang out with us because we have an itinerary to follow and activities to do.

5. What does SC stand for?
- SC stands for Social Club.

6. How do I get the big back patches?
- The large back patches are for members only. We do sell mini patches randomly throughout the year.

7. Can you custom make me a character patch?
No we can not make custom orders. We only sell mini patches of the characters members have.

8. Where can I buy Neverlander Merchandise?
We have a big cartel shop where we sell our merchandise. The shop is not open at all times. Most members will post when shop is open. The link to the shop is http://www.neverlanderssc.bigcartel.com

9. Are you a biker/disney gang?
- We are not a biker or disney gang. We are not affiliated with any gangs or gang activity. We are ordinary disney lovers.

8. When was your SC established? Neverlanders SC was established in October 2012.

9. Is there turf wars with other SC's? There is no turf wars between any SC's and there will never be. All SC's get along very well.

10. How many members do you have?
-We currently have 60 members including children.

11. Why do you only invite your friends?
-We do not invite friends only. Members that have been invited were strangers who got to know us and us them.

13. What do your patches mean?
- Every member chooses a back patch with a character of their choice. Feel free to go up to members and ask them their story on the character they wear.


  1. I like that your guys group are invite only unlike one that has 100+ members. Contradicts the word elite

    1. All of you clowns that wear a cut and a patch ,are a disrespectfull bunch on bitches to our motorcycle and club communities don't know what the fuck you getting in to by wearing a cut, patches and colors are not a thing to play around with , they are life's n hard work for those who make the cut and deserve it. Bunch of stupid kids playing tought. Inform your selfs before u act . MC are a real deal not bull shit wanna be like you.

  2. Have you ever kicked out a neverlander?

  3. Everyone should follow me on instagram(:
    My username is "dgafjesse"
    I followed most of you guys but if I didn't then you should follow me:D
    I'd love to get to know everyone. I see you guys all the time at Disney

  4. I saw you guys all in the park yesterday and think what you do is the coolest thing ever. If only WDW had something like this. If you ever needed a Boston/East coast chapter, I'm your guy.

  5. Hey just wanted to say what a cool group...I saw a neverlander picking up. water bottle that was on the floor n recycle it you guys are a great group

  6. Hey Guys just tried to email you. if you can I am looking to speak to someone about being a guest on a podcast. email me at lorenzo@palspodcast.com

  7. Hello My name is Juan I was wondering if you could email me at johnn3501@yahoo.com? Please, I have some questions about social clubs and I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

  8. hello my name is jason and I live in fort laudedale florida. I tried to send your club an email with a few questions, but the email listed came back rejected as an improper address. Can you look into this situation and correct it if it is in fact popping up wrong. my email is jwilly136@yahoo.com if the member who handles your online questions can just send me a general "this is us email". Thanks

  9. You guys are awesome!!! I've seen you around the park a bunch but never had the guts to say hi. I love all your vests and the patches. Such a unique way of showing off your awesome disneysides :)

  10. the few i have ran into in the park are rude and snotty. terrible representation of your group.

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