Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finding Neverland

Home is where the heart is. My heart is at Disneyland. My wife and I had our second date at Disneyland! Melissa has been an annual pass holder her entire life, I purchased my first annual when I was 18 but I was born and raised in Anaheim so my family would go about 4 times a year. We would love when relatives would visit because that would mean we are going to Disneyland. When I did purchase my pass only a handful of my friends and they would go about twice a month. I was offended! To me my pass ment I had a key to Disneyland and if I have a key I'm going to use it! So after school I would head to the park and ride a few rides, grab lunch and people watch . I did not mind going alone I found out a lot about myself sitting on the benches at Disneyland just observing and thinking about where I am in life and where I want to be in the years to come. Fast forward two years and I meet Melissa! As soon as we found out we both Keys to Disneyland we ditched school hopped on a bus and went to what I call home. Since meeting Melissa I have not gone to Disneyland by myself. More and more of our friends started becoming AP's but with time they would lose interest. When Melissa and I became pregnant with out daughter our good friend told us if Riley is born in Disneyland she gets in free for life. So naturally when Melissa hit 37 weeks we went almost everyday hoping She would go into labor but that did not work out she went into labor before te park opened and we have a beautiful daughter. With our son when Melissa went into labor she wouldn't dialate so the dr said go walk around for a couple hours and then we can admit you. Melissa looks at me and said well we are going to Disneyland. She was having some heavy contractions but she was determined. Cast members would walk up to her and ask if she was ok when she had a contraction and she would say yes it's just a cramp. We hung out at Disneyland for about two hours and i told her we should just go back to the hospital. We have a handsome son and are as happy as can be. So we go to Disneyland about twice a week now, but we used to go more before Melissa went back to work. We would have fun at Disneyland but would notice our daughter would look at other children and be very curious. So when I found out about The Neverlanders I had asked my friend Rick (Save the Panduhs) about them since I saw him post a picture with then at Disneyland. He told me about the club and that they closed membership at the time. I saw that the Zombies had two kids, then I noticed Sarah had two. I thought the club was awesome I noticed more and more kids in the club as I started following more members. This is the main reason I am proud to be a member of The Neverlanders. The kids all get along so well! They learn from each other and even look out for each other. Rick introduced us to Amanduh and she is amazing. With her what you see is what you get! She is as real as they come. Both of them slowly started introducing us to different members at Disneyland the two that we met besides Rick and Amanduh where The Sisters Vero and Cehcee. Instantly we had a connection. We also met Jeebus and Adrian that day! (At the time they where not in the club) after haingung out with them for sometime we ran into Angel and Cindy I'm DCA I thought they were awesome. Slowly we started getting invited to functions outside of Disneyland and they kids loved it. I spoke to Melissa about it and told her I think it's awesome that even though the club is no accepting  members at the moment they still want to be our friends. At that moment is when I realized this isn't just a social club they really care about each other it isn't just a Club at Disneyland they are really a family. When we where asked to become a part of the family of course we said yes! But nothing had changed we had already formed a strong bond and had been coming to most of the functions that the club held. We already felt like we where part of the family! Bottom line we found Neverland and we will never grow up! Another day I'll write about our invitation it was magical!

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