Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Neverlanders Adult Meet

February's adult meet took place on Sunday the 23rd. It was also Dapper Day at Disneyland. We decided not to dress dapper and wear our favorite Marvel t-shirts.  I think Captain America was the most popular shirt in the group.  We had 5 guests for this meet.  Josh, Britney, Morgan, Paige, and Franklin.  The park was really busy but we still had a great meet.  This months itinerary was done by Anthony.

The most important news on the day came to a surprise to most of us.  Two of our member, Paul and Justice, are expecting their first child.  Congrats to the first time parents and we all can't wait for our newest Neverlander to arrive. 

The canoes were not on our itinerary but we were ahead of schedule so we decided to do them.  Its the second time we have done them as a group and I have to admit its really fun.

Our original plan was to do Soarin' but the wait was 80 minutes and as soon as we got in line the ride broke down so we decided to do Grizzly River Rapids instead. 

Boat 1 was Sarah, Little David, Lucy, Wilbur, Britney, Joshua, Chrissy, and Taylor.

Boat 2 was Angel, Cyndee, Justin, Morgan, Adrian, Cehcee, Vero, and Franklin.

Adrian decided that white shorts and dark undies was a good idea. 

The last ride of the night was Tower of Terror. 

It was another amazing meet for the Neverlanders Social Club.  If you want to see more photos from the meet follow our hashtag #neverlanderssc.  Can't wait to see what next month has in store for us.   

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