Monday, September 16, 2013

Becoming Neverlanders: Anthony & Dana's Journey

We like Disney, All things Disney. Ok, maybe "like" is an understatement. Disney is a way of life for us! Our son's middle name is Elias just like Walt himself, thats how much we love Disney. Disney has always been a huge part of my life. Movies, characters, and annual trips to Disneyland since I was very young. I've been a pass holder for 12 years now and I'm married to Anthony, an ex Disney cast member who also has a love for Disney like I do. One day I came across an instagram user with Neverlanders SC on their profile and immediately I was excited to learn about it. I wondered what they were about. In all the years Anthony and I dated we had been going to Disney at least once a week and I had never seen this group at the parks but was intrigued and had to learn more. I mentioned this Social Club to Anthony and he researched and started reading on anything he found related to the Neverlanders. He came across the forum and got all the members instagram handles. We proceeded by adding all the members on Instagram and little by little started interacting with them. Soon enough Anthony started communicating with one of the founders, Angel, through email and text messaging. One day, at Disneyland we crossed paths and recognized eachother, we said hello talked a bit and went on our way. It felt like a total bromance was created that day between Angel and Anthony. Shortly after that encounter, Anthony got a text from Angel inviting us to join on their Disney day.

From that point on Angel and I kept in contact. After being invited to hang out once, we got invited to hang out with the Neverlanders at Disneyland a handful of times. This helped Dana and I build relationships with other members. We started getting invited to Neverlander functions that normally are only for Neverlanders. They considered us friends and didnt mind us joining on the fun. We enjoyed their company and everything was going great. I not only felt like I was making new friends but it felt like a family to me. We started trusting these people with our son. We hung out for a few months and put in effort and time to get to know everyone. We eventually got invited to our first meet, which typically are for members only with a couple of guest spots. While hanging with them we got to see some Neverlander "proposals" to join the SC. If you've never seen the Neverlander proposals on Instagram when someone gets invited then you're missing out! The proposals are special moments for the ones being invited. The Neverlanders dont just simply ask "Do you want to join our club?" They think it through, plan and surprise whoever they are asking. It's truly a special moment that will stand lasting in everyone's memories til the end of time. 


Our Proposal
So how were we asked? Well, we were asked the weekend of D23 and it was such an amazing moment and way to be asked. Friday morning we saw all the members posting on their instagrams, a picture of themselves by the mail box with the caption "second star to the right and straight on til morning" Confused and curious by all this we asked a friend/member what it meant and she said it had something to do with D23. Monday comes and we finally got to see what it all meant. Our mailbox had been bombarded with post cards. Every member customized their own post card asking if we would like to join their family. Without any hesitation we said YES!

Ever since then we have had some of the best times with these people. All strangers at one point have become family. We spend entire days with these people and are willing to let our son be around every single one of them without a worry in the world. Each one of them has a special place in our hearts and we stand by them through thick and thin. The best advice that we can give when it comes to joining this family is.. BE YOU! We may appear to be intimidating but we're not. We are all down to earth people who love Disney. I promise you one thing, not a single one of us will turn down a hello, question, or even a picture. All you have to do is try, like we did.

Dana, Anthony & Nixon


  1. The invite was awesome seeing it on IG and waslike what are they up to

  2. This almost made me cry! I can be a big baby, but to be accepted into a family that loves Disney like this sounds like a dream come true. That much love flooded to your mailbox, I am blown away at how amazing that sounds <3 I know that I moved away from California, and I get so much ridicule for moving back to California just for Disneyland, but hey it feels like home to me. I feel like you guys can relate :)