Saturday, September 7, 2013

Neverlander Problems

Hello my name is Angel and I have a problem. 

Hi Angel.

I have not visited the Disneyland Resort in 5 days as of today (9.7.13). The scratching of the neck, the constant day dreaming has begun. What hurts more is I will not visit the Resort for another week!! Maybe Vegas will keep my mind of it, but who knows...once you have the itch you have the itch.

When was your last time?


  1. It's been 5 weeks for me. I'm losing my mind!!! Being the farthest Outlander really sucks a lot of the time!

  2. It's been alil over a month for me

  3. It's been 7 days and counting and half the things I talk about at my new job is about Disney. I think they think I'm weird. �� Lol I'm going on Friday the 13th and I'm excited cuz that's always a lucky day for me! Example: got promoted, got my drivers license and a few other events. �� Hope to meet a few more Neverlanders that I haven't had a privilege to meet yet. :D

  4. Ha I know that feeling! I was there last night!

  5. its been since end of july. im losing my mind!!