Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No Ordinary Overalls!


These overalls might be seem like some cute vintage mickey mouse overalls to anyone looking at them but to the Neverlanders they are special. These overalls belonged to one of our members. Her name is Chandra. In November 2012, the Neverlanders had their first official meet with the first 8 members. These 8 members didnt know eachother besides Cyndee and Angel, our founders. During this meet Chandra handed these overalls to Cyndee so that they can be used by her daughters instead of thrown away. As more members joined with other kids, Cyndee had the brilliant idea of passing these overalls down to all the baby neverlanders that can fit into them! First baby neverlander to wear them is Izzy the youngest of Angel & Cyndee's two daughters. Tula was unfortunately too big to fit into them. Izzy has now outgrown them and will be passed down to David & Sarah's baby girl, Little Lady. Here's a picture of Izzy wearing them..
We will continue to add a picture of each baby neverlander that gets to wear these special overalls. We hope that we can continue this until soon to be born Baby Ellie can wear them.  

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  1. This is such a great tradition. I can't wait to see it passed on to all the littles.