Monday, September 23, 2013

Disneyland, the only constant is change.

So the last few weeks I have read a lot of internet jargon about "Court of Angels" and Starbucks. Mostly negative, about how they can't take something away that has so much history, and how can they add a corporation to the park! Let me address the Starbucks first, so my wife and many Landers love the #CupOfJo so this is an exciting change. From what I have seen they are maintaining the Market House name just adding "sponsored by Starbucks" much like the Enchanted Tiki Room sponsored by Dole, or many other sponsorships around the park that have come and gone. Since it's inception Main Street was a living shopping area with different store fronts, brassieres anyone?! So to me Starbucks is jut going with the tradition started since 1955. Now the Court of Angels, it's a beautiful and quite corner of the park where many have been proposed too. I get that, I do....but, the Club that Walt wanted now needs expansion and upgrade and this little nook has to change. Some gripe is that a part of the park that was created for everyone is no being changed to an eletist entrance, most of the ones saying that have not dined at club 33 (This is coming from someone that felt that way about the club till I walked in and my skin turned into chicken skin, knowing Walt built this and never saw it) Change is constant, when expansion is needed sometimes things are lost that is how Walt wanted it: "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."-Walt Disney

This is a great post from 2006, Thanks to Andy Castro for posting it:

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