Thursday, September 5, 2013

From Strangers to Friend to Family

This is what the Neverlander SC has become.  Growing up I was a military brat and moved around a lot.  We would move every 9 months to 10 years to a new state sometimes even to a new country.  So I never really had many friends or close friend who I considered family.  I have lived in Las Vegas now for over ten years but still I had not made many friends here.  I met Angel and Cyndee through my cousin about 5 years ago because they cheered for the same soccer team.  We started hanging out a lot at Disneyland and because great friends.  I now consider them part of my family. 

Then in October 2012 they told me about an idea they had about starting a Disneyland Social Club that would bring Disney lovers together.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity to join and I did as an original member of the Neverlanders.  Who knew that their idea would give me the group of friends I had always wanted and would grow into a family. 

Usually when it comes to meeting new people I am very shy and not very outgoing at first.  But for some reason this did not happen with this group of people.  The first meet was me, Angel, Cyndee, Billy, Jen, Cehcee, Chandra, and Sarah.  It was like I had known these people my whole life and we got along so well.  It was so comfortable that we were joking around how people thought SC stood for swingers club after about 5 minutes of meeting each other.  It could not have been a more amazing day.

By the next meet the group had grown by more than double and those people fit in and we got along just as good as the first meet.  It was amazing how total strangers could just meet and right away everyone get along.  And we keep adding people all them time and they too fit seamlessly into the group.  I consider every member of this group my family now and love them all.

We get along so well and have grown into a family that we do everything together, and I mean everything.  If two of us are at the park, we hang out together.  If 15 of us are there, we hang out.  There are very few times you will ever see a Neverlander by themselves at the park.  We also hang out outside the parks.  We go to movies, Walt's Barn in Burbank, the beach, dinners, soccer games, cycLAvia, or just hang out at each others house together.  A lot of the members even got matching tattoo to show our love for the group and each other.  Almost everyone talks to each other every day.  We just love being around each other and enjoying each others company.  Now that's a family. 

I don't personally have children but many of the members do and we consider them BabyNeverlanders.  We all look forward to them growing up in this family and enjoying the parks as a group for decades to come. 

So for those who think this is just a Disney fad, or just a group of people who just hang out at Disneyland together they are mistaken.  This is a group of strangers, who became friend, who are now a family and will continue to be so for years to come.


  1. You can tell that there is major love for eachother and Disney in the club and Hopefully I can be apart of the Family sometime but until than I consider ya all great friends

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