Wednesday, September 4, 2013

About Us

Welcome to our blog! Neverlanders SC is a Disney Social Club made up of strangers that have become family. We all share the same passion for what Walter Elias Disney created. Our family was established in October 2012. Our founders came up with the idea and at first the club consisted of only 8 members. By the second meet we had 20+ members. Many think that we all were friends prior to this but in reality none of us knew eachother and didnt even follow eachother on instagram. Automatically we all clicked and now we are inseparable and a strong knit family. For this reason we are an invite only club. We all love Walt and love anything and everything Disney.


  1. Its an amazing thing too find people you just click with and share a love for disney I've meet a few of you and hope to have the privilege to meet more!!!!!

    1. It truly is amazing. Awesome hope you get to meet all of us!

  2. I'm so lucky to have met a handful of you already. And the handful I met I already consider Disney pals!!

  3. I'm so excited y'all got a blog! I have no idea how I found about y'all thru Instagram, I think it was a Disney hashtag and the next thing I know I'm following a few of your members, watching the podcasts on YouTube. I live in Indiana and I find myself wanting To do Disneyland just to meet y'all!